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Space Engineers Tutorials - E01 Setting Up Camp

inigmatus · 595 views
Inigma and CaptJo explore the best way to learn how to play Space Engineers survival mode. Captured by pirates, left for dead on the Moon, with only a single START Emergency Recovery Kit between them, will they be able to heft their kit to a safe location, dodge meteors, and setup an emergency shelter from the storm in time?

This tutorial will show you how to setup a minimalist hard start survival game for solo or multiplayer using the Survive and Thrive Assembly and Reclamation Tools Emergency Recovery Kit (also known as the STARTer kit) - a survivalist single box start which you can download from here:

You can also simply subscribe to the scenario to play at the same location we're starting in here:

Feel free to leave feedback or questions!

This series is inspired by Paul Soares Jr's Minecraft Survive and Thrive series. I figured there should be one for Space Engineers, and hopefully just as useful. If you agree, give a like and share!