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Engineer Corps - #13 (Sunday Survival) Breaching the Enemy Shield

TheXPGamers · 40,542 views
CaptainShack, W4stedspace, Texfire and Splitsie engineer their way out of and into new problems each weekend with the help of the Space Engineer modding community.



Mods the players are aware of currently

Procedural World
A Colored Fresh New View - A New HUD
Ammo Management Controls
Ammo Info
Eyes Just Got Clear (1.186 Drugs Are Bad Mkay Update)
Ravcor (Lava Damage is Working Again)
S - Old Astronaut
S - Service Unit
Wall Mount Battery - A Single PowerCell Solution for Survival
Zeej’s Gesture Animations Pack
Animated Interaction
Modern Beds (CryoChamber)
Useless Wolves and Spiders AI Fix
Insane Wolves and Spiders Unbalance
S- Zombie replace Wolves V1
SkyBox 2_No_Speed_Mod
Ladder - Climbable!
Rover Cockpit (Fixed)
Tiered Engine Super Pack
Skyblade - Helicopter Propellers
Planetary Cargo Ships
Vanilla Planet Crashed Ground Encounters
Planet Military Ground Encounters
Planetary Installations

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