ZDGSY integrates of eastern and western cultures as an entirety. ZDGSY respects the freedom of individuality of Western culture, emphasizes on independence, initiativeness, individual character and personal achievements. ZDGSY encourages its personnel to endeavor individual strivings, to undertake individual responsibilities and to make individual decisions. ZDGSY adores people-oriented oriental culture, respects people's feelings. Inside the enterprise, ZDGSY advocates its employees to work in unity and help oneanother; ZDGSY encouragies harmony, trust, team-work awareneses among all staffs and allows the employees having the spirit-sense of taking the company as their own home. 




ZDGSY requires its personnel to have resourcefulness, to have wisdom and to have abilities to deal with various tasks. All staff in ZDGSY should make progress consciously, should thirst for knowledge, should work with perseverance and should possess the philosophy of scientific practice.


ZDGSY personnel should treat others with honesty. As an old saying goes:“Trust is the coin of the realm.” ZDGSY shared value is with the HONESTY to win the TRUST, with the RIGHTEOUSNESS to win the BENEFIT, with the EARNEST to treat the PUBLIC.


ZDGSY pursues of innovative products and technologies. ZDGSY is going its own path, creating its own products and its own brand. ZDGSY is also exploring of excellence, effectiveness, innovativeness and competitive products.


Mencius’ conception of “The benevolent loves others” is the entire spirit and culture of ZDGSY. The admistrators should take good care of employees, should concern the thought of employees so that the personnel value can be affirmed. Staff of ZDGSY must have self-cultivation and should understand each other, respect each other; the mutual care and love should be set as the rules of conduct. “Benevolence” is the core of ZDGSY culture.


ZDGSY bears the missions of creating its own product brand, opening new path, founding its own sects in a field and setting its own rules in the boundary.  The road will certainly be hard and Zigzag. Bravery is the backbone of overcoming difficulties for ZDGSY personnel. Whatever kind of risks or dangerous are met, ZDGSY should have the brave to be involved without any hesitating; whenever a mistake or error is made, ZDGSY staff should dare to admit and undertake; whenever a difficulty is encountering, ZDGSY should have the skill and knowledge do conquer; ZDGSY lays emphasis on unyielding-man culture, encouraging its staff daring to combat, daring to accept foreign culture, daring to turnaround, daring to practice and daring create new brands.


ZDGSY established a rigorous, scientific personnel and labor, rewards and penalties regulations system. Only strict disciplines to be established, individual activities can be reasonable carried on, relationships among the staff can be coordinated, the common interests of the employees can be protected.  Moral standard can only constrain the behaviors of administrators and staff from the perspective of ethical relations, a strictly customized institutional system can ensure the realization of all goals of ZDGSY.