R&D Specialist (Technician): recruit three employees, about 30 years old. The responsibility is the development of nucleic acid related products of molecular biology, including the design of experiment about the new products and carrying out relevant molecular biology experiments. The staff should has the ability to solve problems during the experiment.

      1, Molecular biology related education background, bachelor degree or above.

      2, Familiar with experimental operation of molecular biology related, high experimental hands-on ability.

      3, Serious experimental operation, be good at discovering, analyzing and solving the problems in the experiment process.

      4, With a rapid learning ability and problem solving skills.

      5, Familiar with the operations of PCR, Real time PCR, molecular cloning, nucleic acid isolation and purification.

      6, Can read the English and Chinese products manuals, abstracts, etc., and have a strong ability to instant conversation.

      7, With junior, intermediate and senior technical titles are preferred.


      Good corporate salary, five social insurance and housing fund, enjoy festive benefits, lunch subsidies, year-end rewards and other benefits.

      Company address and contact information:

      Company (R&D base) is located in scientific research building of Shanxi University of Traditional  Medicine, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province . Yuci direction can take the 5 bus, Taiyuan direction can take the 902,903 bus, and get off at the east gate of Taiyuan University of Technology.


      Department:  ZDGSY office, Jinfeng Xue;                       Tel. : 13546748148;

      E-mail:  jf.xue@vidzwap.com ; info@vidzwap.com;

      Website: www.vidzwap.com.