1. Shanxi ZDGSY Bio-Scientific Co., Ltd and Germany MoBiTec GmbH signed cooperation agreement


    At the invitation of the general manager of German MoBiTec GmbH, Mr. guisheng Yang, the chairman of Shanxi ZDGSY Bio-Scientific Co., Ltd and Mr. jiansheng Chen, the engineer of Zhendong Industrial Corporation conducted field visit to German MoBiTec GmbH In June 28, 2015 to July 1 2015. After the mutual understanding of the scientific and technological strength and development aspirations of each other, the two sides were discussed in depth on concerned cooperation, and reached the consensus that both sides complement each others’ shortages, agents each other's products at a special price, provide convenience and support as much as possible to each other in product sales activities, and participate in the product marketing activities at respective country.



    The agreement established a favorable platform and laid a certain market space for the sales of the vidzwap.company's products in entire European market.